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Wobble Stop The Ultimate Furniture Balancing Device

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>>> Wobble Stop Ultimate Furniture <<<

Wobble Stop Ultimate Furniture

Feature :

  • Rubber Pads protect carpet from snags and hard floor surface places from dents, mars and scratches
  • High grade plastic material is rather very long lasting
  • For use by using the help of chairs, stools, furniture legs, wire furniture, and canes

Details :

Wobble Stop plastic Pads offer superior protection for all of your household ground by protecting against scratches and marring of hard floor ground and preventing snags in carpet.

substantial of outstanding plastic will send out lasting protection.

amazing for chairs, stools, furniture legs, wire furniture and canes.

Protect all of your home's ground and furniture utilizing the promise of Wobble Stop area protection solutions.

By Protecting Against Scratches And Marring Of Hard Floor surface types And Preventing Snags