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Supersliders 4912895N Assorted Size and Shape Value Pack, Reusable and Self-Stick Furniture Sliders and Felt Pads to Protect Flooring Surfaces, Linen (52 Pieces)

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>>> Supersliders 4912895N Assorted <<<

Supersliders 4912895N Assorted

Feature :

  • MOVE FURNITURE conveniently - Moving furniture can be the worst part of a move or remodel - but not by mean of this resuable SuperSliders furniture movers kit.

    purely put the movers under all your large, heavy pieces to quickly and conveniently move them out there all outside places - perhaps possibly even carpeted and hardwood
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FURNITURE - There is no piece of furniture too significant or heavy for these furniture sliders.

    Use them on all your preferred items, which involves tables, sofas, beds, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances and more
  • PERFECT FOR MOVING HEAVY FURNITURE - You'll be pleasantly surprised in how straightforward it is to move your heavy furniture absolutely into put no problem what floor you're on.

    The set up of furniture movers comprises of plastic sliders for carpeted outside places and felt sliders for hard wood, tile and linoleum outside places in a number of shapes and sizes
  • REUSABLE FOR cleanup OR FUTURE MOVING - Rearranging your furniture is a breeze thanks to these reusable furniture sliders - leave them under your pieces for straightforward future moving and cleanup or remove them to use again and again
  • VALUE PACK by mean of 52 PIECES - The 52 piece set up comprises of a broad number of different sizes and shapes of furniture movers.

    It's a must-have obtain for any home! The set up includes: (4) 5" & (4) 3.5" round, (4) 5" square, (4) 2.5" x 9" rectangle, (4) 3.5" felt sliders

Details :

Make moving furniture the easiest part of your move or remodel using this reusable SuperSliders Furniture movers kit.

using these furniture sliders, you don’t have to worry about moving huge things throughout hard outside types and carpet.

merely put them under your huge and heavy things and they’ll help you quickly and comfortably move your things throughout ALL surfaces, carpeted and hard! The 52 piece set is a must-have for any household and consists of plastic sliders for carpeted outside types and felt furniture sliders for hard wood, tile and linoleum surfaces.

the two types of furniture movers help protect your floors from harm from moving or everyday use, too.

These furniture sliders give you through precise weight distribution and a secure grip, making it uncomplicated to move furniture into just the right place…or maybe just a little extra to the left.

They’re reusable, too, so you can remove them after moving your things to use again and again, or leave them in site for future moving or maintanence – yep, it’s not just you who likes to rearrange furniture every few months.

They’re a awesome equipment for making maintanence day a breeze and maintanence the ones hard to arrive through spaces, too.

SuperSliders are the #1 best-selling and nearly all trusted furniture mover on the promote today -- offering superior fantastic and long-lasting operation for all of your furniture moving and floor protection needs.

every different person pack includes: (4) 5" & (4) 3.5" round, (4) 5" square, (4) 2.5"x9" rectangle, (4) 3.5" felt sliders – they’re an essential invest in for every household!

And Hard! The 52 Piece kit Is A Must-have For Any property And involves Plastic Sliders For Carpeted roads And Felt Furniture Sliders For Hard Wood, Tile And Linoleum Surfaces.

both of al Types Of Furniture Movers Help Protect Your Floors From harm From Moving Or Everyday Use, Too.

These Furniture Sliders give appropriate Weight Distribution And A Secure Grip, Making
It straight forward and easy To Move Furniture Into Just The Right Place…or Maybe Just A Little extra To The Left.

They’re Reusable, Too, So You Can Remove Them After Moving Your pieces To Use Again And Again, Or Leave Them In position For Future Moving Or housecleaning – Yep, It’s Not Just You Who Likes To Rearrange Furniture Every Few Months.

They’re A wonderful equipment For Making
housecleaning Day A Breeze And housecleaning al Hard To reach Spaces, Too.

SuperSliders Are The #1 Best-selling And virtually all Trusted Furniture Mover On The economy Today -- Offering Superior leve And Long-lasting operation For All Of Your Furniture Moving And Floor Protection Needs.

every different Pack Includes: (4) 5" & (4) 3.5" Round, (4) 5" Square, (4) 2.5"x9" Rectangle, (4) 3.5" Felt Sliders – They’re An Essential obtain For Every Household!