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SuperSliders 4734195N Reusable Slide and Hide Furniture Movers for Carpet- Square Edge for Walls & Corners- vacation Hidden Under Furniture, 5" Linen (4 Pack)

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>>> SuperSliders 4734195N Reusable <<<

SuperSliders 4734195N Reusable

Feature :

  • Slide & Hide SuperSliders are ideally suited to only & quickly move furniture spanning carpeted surfaces
  • Reusable sliders can be left under furniture for very effective moving & cleaning, or removed & used again
  • Slide & Hide comprise a unique design: square edge for corners, & the circular edge for a wonderful slide
  • Can be used on: tables, sofas, beds, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances & much more
  • 4-piece pack of 5" Slide & Hide furniture sliders

Details :

Slide & Hide furniture sliders hide under furniture corners to be left in site for effortless moving and cleaning.

These sliders option a straight edge that wil it simplier and less difficult to move objects into corners or adjacent to walls and objects and a completed edge for effortless sliding.

SuperSliders are the #1 greatest selling and a superior number of trusted furniture mover on the current market today -- offering superior of top quality and long-lasting functionality for all of your furniture moving and floor protection needs.


These Sliders attribute A Straight Edge That helps make It less difficult To Move Objects Into Corners Or

Adjacent To Walls And Objects And A completed Edge For effective Sliding.

SuperSliders Are The #1 greatest Selling

And almost all Trusted Furniture Mover On The current market Today -- Offering Superior top quality And Long-lasting functionality For All Of Your Furniture Moving And Floor Protection Needs.