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SuperSliders 4704095N Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders for Carpet- Quickly and very effortlessly Move Any Item, 9-1/2” x 5-3/4” Linen (4 Pack)

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>>> SuperSliders 4704095N Reusable <<<

SuperSliders 4704095N Reusable

Warrantry :

5-Year confined Warranty

Feature :

  • MOVE FURNITURE comfortably - Moving furniture can be the worst part of a move or remodel - but not on with the help of these resuable SuperSliders furniture movers.

    just put them under your large, heavy objects to quickly and comfortably move them spanning carpeted surfaces
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FURNITURE - There is no piece of furniture too substantial or heavy for these furniture sliders.

    Use them on all your the majority of desired items, which includes tables, sofas, beds, dressers, recliners, heavy appliances and more
  • MOVE HEAVY FURNITURE comfortably - You'll be pleasantly surprised from how painless it is to move your heavy furniture wonderfully into place, because the oval shape of the furniture movers provides correct weight distribution and the durable plastic orthopedic provides a secure grip
  • REUSABLE FOR maintaining OR FUTURE MOVING - Rearranging your furniture is a breeze thanks to these reusable furniture sliders - leave them under your objects for painless future moving and maintaining or remove them to use again and again
  • BEST-SELLING PRODUCT - just about every pack features 4 pieces of the #1 best-selling and the majority of trusted hard plastic sliders and furniture movers, measuring 9-1/2" x 5-3/4"

Details :

Make moving furniture the easiest part of your move or remodel with the help of the help of these reusable SuperSliders Furniture movers.

quickly put them under your fantastic sized and heavy solutions and they’ll help you quickly and readily move your solutions upon carpeted surfaces.

Made of hard plastic and durable rubber foam, these oval-shaped furniture sliders furnish fantastic weight distribution and a secure grip, making it effortless to move furniture into just the right place…or maybe just a little much far more to the left.

The hard plastic bottom also protects your carpeted ground from problems caused by moving furniture.

They’re reusable, too, so you can remove them after moving your solutions to use again and again, or leave them in position for future moving or vacuuming – yep, it’s not just you who likes to rearrange furniture every few months.

They’re a wonderful adornment for making vacuuming day a breeze and vacuuming these hard to arrive from spaces, too.

SuperSliders are the #1 best-selling and nearly all trusted furniture mover on the current market today -- offering superior of high-quality and long-lasting functioning for all of your furniture moving and floor protection needs.

each person distinct pack consists of 4 hard plastic sliders and furniture movers, measuring 9-1/2” x 5-3/4” – they’re an essential choose for every household!

Furniture Sliders furnish ideal Weight Distribution And A Secure Grip, Making It straightforward To Move Furniture Into Just The Right Place…or Maybe Just A Little far more To The Left.

The Hard Plastic Bottom Also Protects Your Carpeted surface areas From problems Caused By Moving Furniture.

They’re Reusable, Too,
So You Can Remove Them After Moving Your pieces To Use Again And Again, Or Leave Them In location For Future Moving Or clean-up – Yep, It’s Not Just You Who Likes To Rearrange Furniture Every Few Months.

They’re A awesome gadget For Making clean-up Day A Breeze And clean-up some of those Hard To access Spaces,

SuperSliders Are The #1 Best-selling And the vast majority of Trusted Furniture Mover On The market Today -- Offering Superior high-quality And Long-lasting functioning For All Of Your Furniture Moving And Floor Protection Needs.

each person Pack features 4 Hard Plastic Sliders And Furniture Movers, Measuring 9-1/2” X 5-3/4” – They’re An Essential order For Every Household!