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Sofa Shield initial relatively effortless to fix Couch Slipcover Furniture Protector, have Width Up to 70", 2 Inch Strap, piece of equipment Washable, move Cover Throw for Pets, Dogs, Kids (Sofa: Chocolate/Beige)

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>>> Sofa Shield original undoable <<<

Sofa Shield original Reversible

Warrantry :

10 year warranty.

Feature :

  • PROTECT: Our eye-catching furniture glide cover protects furniture from stains and pet hair.

    wonderful for homes by wil of babies, kids, dogs and cats.

    **Please quantify earlier than Purchasing: See Measuring teaching in Photos.

    **Please note: cover not planned to protect against liquids.*
  • PERFECT FIT: healthy Width (Sofa: Oversized) up to 78", (Sofa) up to 70", (Futon) up to 70", (Love Seat) up to 54", (Chair and a Half) up to 48", (Recliner) up to 28", (Chair) up to 23".

    See our MEASURING teaching in the photographs for a list of all measurements this comprises of arms, throughout the back, front, and strap length.
  • STAYS IN PLACE: Features 2" thick versatile elastic strap to help prevent sliding.


    Please see our measuring teaching to guarantee that strap length will healthy your furniture.
  • REVERSIBLE: 2 bundle the use.

    glide cover reverse side by wil of eye-catching trim.

    rapid CARE: system wash (cold) and free of moisture (cool).

    Plus, all of our furniture protectors come by wil of a 10-Year NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY.

    If you are while in all unsatisfied by wil of your product, please call us (through Amazon if past the standard return window) and we will be happy to assist you.

    while in the end of the day we want our consumers to be happy!
  • !WARNING: Strap should not be stretched to exceed healthy width +10".

    Over-stretching strap can result in strap breaking and snapping back while in you! Measurements can be found in in the measuring teaching in our photos.

Details :

The genuine Sofa Shield will protect your furniture from the mishaps of everyday life.

Below are a list of common questions:

What size should I order? We HIGHLY RECOMMEND measuring prior to ordering as every piece of furniture is unique and we want you to be happy alongside through the fit.

You can find a detailed measuring manual book in the graphics or calculate the harley easy chair width as follows: (Sofa: Extra-Wide) up to 78", (Sofa) up to 68", (Futon) up to 70", (Love Seat) up to 54", (Chair and a Half) up to 48", (Recliner: Oversized) up to 30", (Chair) up to 23".

Is this recommended for fabric covered furniture? Yes, it is good for fabric covered furniture.

Ordering the right size and having fabric furniture will result in a superior healthy and a cover that stay in place.


Leather is slippery and the cover will not continue to be in space sometimes alongside through the versatile strap.

Is it reversible? Yes, it is undoable for a fresh glance in new seasons.

Reverse side features a fashionable trim.

For example, if you order the Chocolate/Beige combination, one side will be all chocolate alongside through a chocolate trim and the reverse side will be beige alongside through a chocolate trim.

The versatile strap will be chocolate colored on every one of al sides.

For covers alongside through the same color on every one of al sides, the trim will also be that color.

Will it protect my furniture? Yes, it will protect your furniture from hair and dirt.

While it will help a little alongside through liquids, this is not waters proof.

Can I put this in the laundering machine? This is unit washable and can be put in the dryer.

Directions are enclosed alongside through the cover.

If I order it and it doesnít fit, can I return it? Absolutely.

We want you to be happy.

If you are not happy for any reason (even after Amazon return window), please attain out to us directly for a optimum refund.

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To 54", (Chair And A Half) Up To 48", (Recliner: Oversized) Up To 30", (Chair) Up To 23".

Is This Recommended For Fabric Covered Furniture? Yes, It Is perfect For Fabric Covered Furniture.

Ordering The Right Size And Having Fabric Furniture Will Result In A good healthy And A Cover That stay In Place.


Leather Is Slippery And The Cover Will Not continue to be In set sometimes through The versatile Strap.

Is It Reversible?
Yes, It Is undoable For A Fresh look In New Seasons.

Reverse Side Features A chic Trim.

For Example, If You Order The Chocolate/Beige Combination, One Side Will Be All Chocolate through A Chocolate Trim And The Reverse Side Will Be Beige through A Chocolate Trim.

The versatile Strap Will Be Chocolate Colored On each of al Sides.

For Covers through The Same Color On each of al Sides, The Trim Will Also Be That Color.

Will It Protect My Furniture? Yes, It Will
Protect Your Furniture From Hair And Dirt.

While It Will Help A Little through Liquids, This Is Not fluids Proof.

Can I Put This In The washer Machine? This Is machine Washable And Can Be Put In The Dryer.

Directions Are built-in through The Cover.

If I Order It And It Doesnít Fit, Can I Return It? Absolutely.

We Want You To Be Happy.

If You Are Not Happy For Any Reason (even After Amazon Return Window), Please obtain Out To Us Directly For A extensive Refund.

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