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Skyla Homes - Furniture and TV Anti Tip ties | adaptable Earthquake protected ties | great Wall Anchor | Protection for babies | toddler Proof & Extra decent ABS gear (6-Pack)

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>>> Skyla Homes Furniture TV Anti <<<

Skyla Homes   Furniture TV Anti

Feature :

  • PEACE OF MIND: Never again will you definitely feel fearful and anxious your young youngster is within risk of serious injury or fatality.

    Our guaranteed dependable anti-tipping ties protect your precious kids allowing you to sleep secure and go your back by indicates of confidence.
  • QUALITY: Don't leave your child's health and safe practices to a piece of cheap plastic! Our young youngster proof ABS ties arrive factory tested and are produced by indicates of only the top superior supplies to give you top ease of mind - no cheap plastics, no velcro and no glue! You will NOT be able to pull or tip the TV off once these are anchored in.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Pop open the box, check out the covered instruments and high-quality metal installment hardware, and secure preserve of started securing your home.

    covered by indicates of the instruments and hardware is a 3-step, user-friendly installment direct - perhaps quite possibly if you've never handled a screwdriver in your life, we'll get it effortless and speedy for you to secure your home, and give al the peace of mind that you need.

    NOTE: for preferred protection and results, 2 ties are expected per TV or piece of furniture.
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Details :

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