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Shepherd Hardware 9818 1/2 x 58-Inch Beige Self-Adhesive Felt Furniture Pad Roll

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>>> Shepherd Hardware 9818 1 2 58 Inch <<<

Shepherd Hardware 9818 1 2 58 Inch

Feature :

  • Self-adhesive felt pads are rapid to install and offer scratch-resistant protection of cabinets, counters, table tops, hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, tile, marble and countless miscellaneous surfaces
  • General task felt pads are composed of a synthetic blend and pressure-sensitive adhesive to protect a variety of types of perform surface from accidental marring
  • Easy to install - quickly clean, peel, and stick - types of perform surface should be free of dirt & debris and sanded if wooden to assure a formidable bond
  • 1/2-inch x 58-inch beige roll

Details :

Shepherd Hardware FeltGard strip rolls are made from heavy requirement recycled fiber polyester felt are superior to it's traditional wool counterpart, non-allergenic, superior endurance and dries much much faster if it comes in have in hint using as a result of moisture.

When used on lower limbs of chairs, tables and additional furniture will protect floor perform surface places against marring and scratches while reducing sounds and friction and enabling basic and quickly furniture movement.

suitable when used on hardwood and laminate, ceramic tile, terrazzo, linoleum, vinyl, and marble floor surfaces.

On wood furniture, prepare area for set up by clean-up and lightly sanding to be certain superior adhesion of the pads.

Remember to check periodically for put on and replace pads when appropriate.

sturdiness And Dries much faster If It Comes In communication using Moisture.

When Used On thighs and legs Of Chairs, Tables And severa Furniture Will Protect Floor types of surface Against Marring
And Scratches While Reducing audio And Friction And Enabling quickly Furniture Movement.

suitable When Used On Hardwood And Laminate, Ceramic Tile, Terrazzo, Linoleum, Vinyl,
And Marble Floor Surfaces.

On Wood Furniture, Prepare perform surface For set up By cleaning And Lightly Sanding To be sure superior Adhesion Of The Pads.

Remember To Check Periodically For dress in And Replace Pads When Appropriate.