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Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps, 8 Count

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>>> safety 1st Furniture Wall <<<

Safety 1st Furniture Wall

Feature :

  • Ideal for bureaus, book cases, shelf unit and armoires
  • Durable canvas secure help secure furniture to wall
  • Easy to install
  • 8 Straps

Details :

Safety 1st knows that making sure carry out protection for your youngster is your primary priority.

That night remain may seek out and actually feel want an ordinary piece of furniture to us, but to a curious pintsize toddler, night stands and bureaus, shelf units and vanities are unconquered mountains and unexplored territory.

When your youngster decides to go exploring, these easy-to-install furniture wall wrist strap will continue to preserve your furniture in place.

each one private offer comes using two modifiable nylon wrist strap that are merely attached to the back of your furniture and to the wall, building a hidden restraint.

These furniture wall wrist strap from security 1st will give peace of mind and lasting security.Safety 1st furniture wall straps, use these sturdy wrist strap to help prevent your youngster from accidentally tipping in excess of furniture.

superb for bureaus, book cases, shelf unit and armoires.

Durable canvas wrist strap help secure furniture to wall.

uncomplicated to install.

Bureaus, Shelf Units And Vanities Are Unconquered Mountains And Unexplored Territory.

When Your young child Decides To Go Exploring, These Easy-to-install Furniture Wall wrist straps Will preserve Your Furniture In Place.