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Project decks 1-1/2 Deluxe Wrought Iron Outdoor decks Furniture Glides for Tables and Chairs Black 24 - Pack

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>>> Project outside patio 1 1 2 Deluxe Wrought <<<

Project outside patio 1 1 2 Deluxe Wrought

Feature :

  • 1-1/2" terrace workplace straightforward chair GLIDE installs within just the metal cup on the bottom of the workplace straightforward chair or table feet of wrought iron terrace furniture by methods of a within just diameter of 1-1/2" help to produce sure you estimate the inner diameter of the wrought iron cup area where the glide will be installed.

    The a good number of common size is 1.5" inches
  • HEAVY demand non-scratching replacement outdoor workplace straightforward chair and table bottom caps are thicker and less complicated to install versus the non deluxe version.
  • PROTECTS your terrace surface, terrace workplace straightforward chair feet and terrace lower limbs from damage.
  • PROVIDES smoother motion of furniture.

    terrace workplace straightforward chair slides throughout the floor
  • PACKAGE consists of 24 furniture limit replacement pieces.

    The Project terrace brand is presented exclusively by Jekm Brands Inc.

    BEWARE of imitations of lesser greater high quality from other sorts of suppliers.

Details :

Replacement external outside patio furniture feet slides offer within a by methods of stainlesss metal weld cup using an within diameter of 1-1/2" When measuring your chair's weld cup, gauge the within diameter.

A ridge circling the out of doors of the end loath will be shaved off when hammered in, assuring a restricted offer and securing the glide in the weld cup.

Your furniture will forever thank you for your new external outside patio lounge straightforward chair glide inserts.

An within Diameter Of 1-1/2" When Measuring Your Chair's Weld Cup, gauge The

within Diameter.

A Ridge Circling The external Of The End limit Will Be Shaved Off

When Hammered In, Assuring A snug match up And Securing The Glide In The Weld Cup.

Your Furniture Will Forever Thank You For Your New outside patio straightforward chair Glide Inserts.