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Piano Coasters Upright Piano Caster Cups Furniture hip and your butt Pad for Piano and Furniture Leg Casters Plastic Set of 4

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>>> Piano Coasters Upright Piano Caster <<<

Piano Coasters Upright Piano Caster

Feature :

  • Made huge top high-quality Heavy accountability ABS Material created for use by would mean of upright piano
  • Underside of equally cup is covered by would mean of felt pad have sound-proof antiskid effect
  • Designed to be placed under a piano's joints in order to protect floors and carpets
  • Protects wood floor and carpet from caster damage
  • black Color upright piano Caster Color is rose bush color black transparent color marble color optionally available kagyu, can much superior by would mean of the color collocation

Details :

Don't be fooled by cheaper off-the-shelf caster cups made for household furniture! The new and enhanced model of these caster cups features an economical, nonetheless durable option for protecting your floors from piano caster damage.

These piano caster cups are created to withstand and continue to keep the weight of your piano while protecting your floors.

will job on wood floors, tile floors, and sometimes carpet.

New, specially created to absorb the weight of a grand piano and grow area area on the floor, minimizing any kind of injury to your floors.

we only sell piano supplies and accessories,

offers you An Economical, still Durable Option For Protecting Your Floors From Piano Caster Damage.

These Piano Caster Cups Are Designed
To Withstand And support The Weight Of Your Piano While Protecting Your Floors.

Will work On Wood Floors, Tile Floors, And Even

New, Specially made To Absorb The Weight Of A Grand Piano And expand spot Area On The Floor, Minimizing Any Kind Of problems To Your Floors.

We Only Sell Piano Supplies And Accessories,