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Melissa & Doug traditional Victorian Wooden and Upholstered Dollhouse experiencing location Furniture (9 pcs)

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>>> Melissa Doug old classic Victorian <<<

Melissa   Doug old classic Victorian

Warrantry :


Feature :

  • Handcrafted
  • Includes couch by usually would mean of 2 pillows, 2 upholstered chairs, ottoman, capuccino table, side table, and curio cabinet
  • Perfect for all 1:12 scope dollhouses
  • Traditional styling

Details :

It’s uncomplicated to decorate your experiencing room in your residentia by suggests of this 9-piece set of opulent experiencing room in your residentia furnishings.

displaying a camelback sofa, and a relaxing “glass-front” monitor case, this set incorporates adequate pieces to completely furnish a experiencing room.

Handcrafted, wooden furniture by suggests of period details, upholstery, working doors and drawers! wonderful for all 1:12 continuum dollhouses.

experiencing room Furnishings.

with A Camelback Sofa, And A sophisticated “glass-front”

showcase Case, This Set comprises of adequate Pieces To Completely Furnish A Living


Handcrafted, Wooden Furniture utilizing Period Details, Upholstery, Working Doors And Drawers! suitable For All 1:12 degree Dollhouses.