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Marshmallow Furniture, Children's 2 in 1 change Open the reminiscence the reminiscence foam Sofa, Disney Frozen

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>>> Marshmallow Furniture children <<<

Marshmallow Furniture  Children

Warrantry :

No Warranty

Feature :

  • Sit, switch and perform utilizing the Disney Frozen 2-in-1 switch Open Sofa! It transforms from a couch into a comfy lounger.
  • Made from comfortable and durable featherweight foam, switch Open Sofas produce the comfiest of seats or rest zones and are effortless for your Toddler to pick up and move.
  • Every switch Open Sofa comes utilizing a completely and model washable slipcover offering a safety-lock zipper to protect your little one.
  • Marshmallow switch Open Sofas are for Toddlers 18+ months.

    Size: 29.25"W X 16"H X 14.75"D.

    Made from 100% Polyester and 100% P U foam.

Details :

Get cozy with the help of the Disney Frozen themed 2-in-1 change Open Sofa from Marshmallow! It readily transforms from a sofa into a lounger.

Kids can readily transform their sofa into a lounger all by themselves with the help of just the change of a seat.

These excitement and functional the mind the reminiscence foam sofas are very durable and straightforward to clean.

As an added convenience, the slipcover is constructed with the help of a defense zipper to protect your little one.

To unlock, insert a paperclip into opening, pull upwards and slide to unzip.

The change Open Sofa is also unit washable using mild soap and water.

Bring your child’s a lot of popular characters to surviving as they sit, change and participate in with the help of Marshmallow’s change Open Sofas!

Their Sofa Into A Lounger All By Themselves with Just The reverse Of A Seat.

These helpful And Functional the reminiscence foam Sofas Are amazingly Durable And brief To Clean.
As An Added Convenience, The Slipcover Is fashioned with A safe practices Zipper To Protect Your Little One.

To Unlock, Insert A Paperclip Into Opening, Pull
Upwards And Slide To Unzip.

The reverse Open Sofa Is Also piece of equipment Washable Using Mild Soap And Water.

Bring Your Child’s favorite Characters To daily life As They Sit, reverse And participate in with Marshmallow’s reverse Open Sofas!