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Keter 228474 Urban Knit Pouf Set, Misty Blue/Taupe

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>>> Keter 228474 Urban Knit Pouf Set <<<

Keter 228474 Urban Knit Pouf Set

Feature :

  • Made out of durable, rust-proof, all-weather polypropylene resin for terrific durability
  • Table: 16 w x 16 D x 16.3 H inches / Seat: 22.3 W x 22.3 D x 12.5 H inches
  • Coordinating storage devices area table and 2 seating poufs
  • The table provides 10G of storage devices area space.

    terrific for everything from terrace furniture to kids' tea many most people to the corner of your dwelling room.
  • Lightweight, sleek and trendy design and style and design and style would come up with it physically suit in beautifully just about anywhere

Details :

Unique and convenient, the Cozy Urban set from Keter's KNIT group comes by usually means that of two over “pouf” design and style Cozy seats and one multi-functional Cozy end table/ottoman, which doubles as a storage devices area bin.

finest for everything from conversation courtyard set to kids’ tea person to a cozy corner of your experiencing room, this set is possibly equally smal and functional.

You can sit on the very soft poufs and such as the superb outdoors, or bring them within just for a modern-day glimpse in any space in your home.

The end table lets you to have a exterior for holding drinks, snacks, and books, basically, anything you want to set on a flat surface, while also giving you extra storage devices area space.

The warm fairly breakeven tones and sleek over form of this set will blend nicely by usually means that of a huge array of indoor or outdoor décor.

What better technique to bring additional seating options into your home, apartment, balcony, dorm room or space or space or patio.

Compact Size and Versatile Storage

With its versatile design, the Cozy table features a nice surprise… 10 gallons of additional storage.

You’ll appreciate the extra indoor storage devices area for caffeine table books, throws, children’s toys, or outdoor courtyard storage.

Keter definitely had sleek and fashionable spaces in mind when they made this set.

The Cozy Urban set is introduced to nest together for painless storage.

Have unexpected guests? Just switch approximately across the chairs and remove the table for extra seating by usually means that of a table.

When your guests have gone, wipe it off, stow the table in the chairs and tuck the set away.

The completed nested set can healthy comfortably in a closet or shed and possibly possibly produces an attractive fascinating conversation piece in a nook or corner.

Top Features

  • Coordinating storage devices area table and 2 seating poufs
  • Table: 16 W x 16 D x 16.3 H inches
  • Seat: 22.5 W x 22.5 D x 12.4 H inches
  • The table provides 10.83 gallons of storage devices area space.
  • Attractive intricate knit-style braided texture
  • Multi-functional side table gives you additional storage devices area while allowing you to area objects on top
  • Lightweight, smal layout produces it healthy in wonderfully just about anywhere
  • Made out of durable, rust-proof, all-weather polypropylene resin for superb durability
  • UV protection so it will never fade
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Anything You want To Set On A Flat Surface, While Also Giving You Extra storage devices Space.

The Warm breakeven Tones And Sleek circular Form Of This Set Will Blend Nicely utilizing A huge Array Of Indoor Or Outdoor Décor.

What better process To Bring Additional Seating Options Into Your Home, Apartment, Balcony, Dorm room or space Or Patio.

Compact Size And Versatile Storage

With Its Versatile Design, The Cozy Table possesses A Nice Surprise… 10 Gallons Of Additional Storage.

You’ll Appreciate The Extra Indoor storage devices For capuccino Table Books, Throws, Children’s

Toys, Or Outdoor courtyard Storage.

Keter Definitely Had small Spaces In Mind When They Made This Set.

The Cozy Urban Set Is designed To Nest Together For Painless Storage.

Have Unexpected Guests? Just switch across The Chairs And Remove The Table For Extra Seating utilizing A Table.

When Your Guests Have Gone, Wipe It Off, Stow The Table In The Chairs And Tuck The Set Away.

The ended Nested Set Can suit with out difficulty In A Closet Or Shed And possibly helps make An Attractive helpful Conversation Piece In A Nook Or Corner.

Top Features

  • Coordinating
storage devices Table And 2 Seating Poufs
  • Table: 16 W X 16 D X 16.3 H Inches
  • Seat: 22.5 W X 22.5 D X 12.4 H Inches
  • The Table Provides 10.83 Gallons Of storage devices Space.
  • Attractive Intricate Knit-style Braided Texture
  • Multi-functional Side Table Gives You Additional storage devices While Allowing You To location things On Top
  • Lightweight, sleek and fashionable design and style helps make It suit In perfectly Just About Anywhere
  • Made Out Of Durable, Rust-proof, All-weather Polypropylene Resin For wonderful Durability
  • UV Protection So It Will Never Fade
  • Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Use