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Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor,Cold Press Juicer Machine, Slow Juicer Extractor throughout restful electric car & Reverse Function,Easy to Clean,Higher Nutrient some fruits and Vegetable juice

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>>> Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer <<<

Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer

Feature :

  • 【Higher Nutritional Value】The auger spins of slow masticating juicer is about 80 RPM/minute which greatly preserves the al taste & nutrients of the fresh fresh fruit and vegetable.

    As a masticating juicer, it squeezes veggie juice that has much additional enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals,less foaming or clogging thru minimal oxidation, compared to centrifugal juicer.
  • 【 largest veggie juice Yield】With successful spiral squeezing and reversing function, the veggie juice extractor can rise the yield of veggie juice about 60-80% compared to the centrifugal juicer, which beautifully man or woman veggie juice and pulp .Enjoy you thru the nutritous vegetables veggie juice and fruits veggie juice .
  • 【Easy attribute & Silent 】Powerful but noiseless motor, straightforward attribute that produces veggie juice quickly thru less than 60 decibels to produce a cup of nutritious juice.

    Assemble, disassemble & wash easily,dishwasher risk-free as well.

    Let you have entertaining having the pleasure of juicing thru lower vibration and non- excessive music system !
  • 【High outstanding & Your Responsible seller】Food-grade fabrics and stainless stainless metal for spiral propeller and filter, making moms rest assured about the outstanding of food supplement for babies.

    Safer bladeless layout of the masticating juicer wil both of al of al adults and young children to operate.

    We present lifelong technical 24 hours consultation and customer service.
  • 【Multi-Application】As a cold press juicer machine,it applies to all kinds of fresh fresh fruit and vegetables, such as celery, ginger, leafy greens, carrot, apples, oranges, etc.

    You also can mix fruits and vegetables for multi-nutrients based on what you need.

    This slow juicer extractor squeezes food instead of grinding which maintains the principal colors and whole tastes of vegetable that can be stored for up to 72 hours.

    Give you a cup of veggie juice that tastes additional desirable and fresher, and lasts longer.

Details :

Your Preferred Masticating slow Juicer-Chemfo Juicer
The slow juicer is the fastest and easiest cold press machines for your funny juicing.

It's playing an important role in the superior kitchen.

Nowadays, It's time to have a filled of healthy and nutrient body! Say goodbye to al juices together having too much the water and sugar.

Product Feature

👉2018 Upgraded Low velocity Masticating Technology:With seriously ultra powerful & private continuous-duty car (80 rpm/minute& 150 watt) and excellent significant outstanding spiral propeller, squeeze drink and preserve the nutrients.

👉Preserving much a lot more nutrition:Extracting up to 30% much a lot more drink and preserving 40% much a lot more vitamins and minerals than alternative sorts of juicers.

Taste superior upon and fresher.👈
👉Higher drink Yield: About 60-80%,highest yield than alternative sorts of drink machines
👉 Longer-use Time: Reverse button and overload protection layout earn our slow juicer product have a longer product life.

👉 healthy and 100% BPA Free: There are no sudden corners in our juicer, and all the parts (high significant outstanding drink strainer ,container, drink jug and cleanse brush.)👈
👉Easier to assemble, disassemble and clean. 👈


1)It is recommended not to use the juicer product for much a lot more than 20 minutes, which will influence the continuous-duty car use next time.

2)Do not put any hard material, large seeds, ice or frozen products and services in to the feed hole of the drink extractor.

3)Add successful pieces of fruit/vegetable into funnel that will remove much a lot more plenty of juice.


1) Material: ABS (device body), FDA food-grade plastic (Squeezing Chamber, Spiral Propeller)
2) Certifications:ETL, CE
3) Speed: 80 Revoltions per minute /minute
4) capability Consumption: 150 W
5) Supply Voltage: 110 V
6) continuous-duty car : DC Motor
7) Cord Length: 4.0 ft

Package Including:
1) 1 x Masticating Juicer
2) 1 x Juicer Container
3) 1 x Pulp Container
4) 1 x Brush
5) 1 x User Manual

And significant outstanding Spiral Propeller, Squeeze juice And Preserve The Nutrients.

👉Preserving a lot more Nutrition:Extracting Up To 30% a lot more juice And Preserving 40% a lot more Vitamins And Minerals Than alternative Juicers.

Taste better And Fresher.👈
👉Higher juice Yield: About 60-80%,highest Yield Than alternative juice Machines
👉 Longer-use Time: Reverse Button And Overload Protection layout help make Our Slow Juicer piece of equipment Have A Longer Product Life.


👉 risk-free And 100% BPA Free: There Are No sudden corners In Our Juicer, And All The Parts (high outstanding juice Strainer ,container, juice Jug And heavy washing Brush.)👈
👉Easier To Assemble, Disassemble And Clean. 👈


1)It Is Recommended Not To Use The Juicer piece of equipment For a lot more Than 20 Minutes, Which Will impact on The car Use Next Time.

2)Do Not Put Any Hard Material, large Seeds, Ice Or Frozen products In To The Feed
Hole Of The juice Extractor.

3)Add minimal Pieces Of Fruit/vegetable Into Funnel That Will herb a lot more sufficiently Juice.


1) Material: ABS (device Body), FDA Food-grade Plastic (Squeezing Chamber, Spiral Propeller)
2) Certifications:ETL, CE
3) Speed: 80 Revoltions per minute /minute
4) power Consumption: 150 W
5) Supply Voltage: 110 V
6) car : DC Motor
7) Cord Length: 4.0 Ft

Package Including:
1) 1 X Masticating Juicer
2) 1 X Juicer Container
3) 1 X Pulp Container
4) 1 X Brush
5) 1 X User Manual