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Ivation 18 flask Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler/Chiller Counter Top Wine Cellar by wil of Digital Temperature Display, Freestanding Refrigerator Smoked wineglass Door peaceful company Fridge

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>>> Ivation 18 sprayer Thermoelectric <<<

Ivation 18 sprayer Thermoelectric

Feature :

  • WINE chilly (wine Cellar / Wine Chiller) A ought to HAVE: The only option to protect the outstanding and taste of your wines longer or short term, and try to make certain that it AGES for a consistent level, the wine has to be stored in the correct environment and CONSISTENT TEMPERATURE, (ideally in the vast array of 55° F) This free standing innovative wine chilly will protect your red or white wine, preserving its outstanding and splendid flavors, so you could have pleasure having its real taste to the fullest.
  • PERFECT Stable TEMPERATURE: The Ivation chilly enables you to keep your wines short & longer term in a consistent stable temp environment, and wil you to customize the temp to one that creates an ideally suited climate for your wines ageing process (Range 54º - 64ºF (12º - 18ºC), therefore getting out the true characteristics and maximal essence of your wines in the long-term.
  • HUMIDITY, MINIMAL LIGHT: Insulated having the help of stable polyurethane heavy safe-keeping space area polyurethane foam (CFC-free) & Closed having the help of Thermopane doors that are tempered smoked, to try to make certain that an space odor-free environment that maintains constant humidity, keeping the cork from dehydrating out out, thus preventing far extra air to come into communicate having with the help of the wine, also to try to make certain that darkness, blocking out sunlight and harmful UV rays that breaks along the complex molecules that construct the wonderful flavors in properly aged wines.
  • NO VIBRATION & superior QUIET: Specially engineered having the help of an Energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system having the help of no compressor, to diminish the vibration effect and noise, allowing your wine to age and settle properly, having the help of no disturbance to its pure manifesting sediments.
  • FEATURES: Sleek develop and style having the help of exterior digital feel controls and LCD temp (°F/°C) • very smooth space lighting having the help of on/off having • 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED • we continue to be in behind our items and solutions and pride ourselves having the help of fantastic customer service care.

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Details :

The Ivation Wine Cooler facilitates to manage your wine by the correct & consistent temperature and stable environment, protecting the wine from exterior lights and elements, and is specially created to have zero vibration, so the wine could be aged and stored properly, enabling it to preserve and develop its delicious flavor, Color and Aroma, by mean of the top potential mouthfeel, body, palette and finish, helping you the top and tastiest wine that is Full, Rich, Supple, Smooth, Round, and Balanced

A has to Have for Wine Lovers and Collectors
The only choice to properly protect your wine is to manage them in the Ivation temperature-controlled beautifully constructed wine cooler, possibly even for short term storage.

helping temperature has a significant effect on how a wine smells, tastes and feels in your mouth, possibly even a very superior wine can be awful by the wrong temperature, likewise improper temperature can also shorten the wine's everyday lifespan or ruin the wine completely, Regular refrigerators are not an option, as they are too cold for almost all wines, and "Room temperature" is too warm.

Features & Specifications
• Maintains the superb temperature for red and white wines
• successful thermoelectric cooling
• Low noise, low vibration - will not disturb sediment
• reach controls and LCD display
• very smooth insides lighting by mean of on/off control
• Tempered smoked wine window door
• Solid, CFC-free polyurethane expanded polystyrene insulation • Rated Power: 65W
• Temperature Range: 54º - 64ºF (12º - 18ºC)
• Unit Dimensions: 13.5" x 20" x 25.4" (34.5 x 50.8 x 64.5cm)
• Weight: Net: 32 lbs.

(14.5kg), Gross: 36 lbs.


Impotent Tip: Do not put your wine refridgerator in the garage.

The significant temperature ranges of a attic will get keep of the refridgerator manage too often, shortening it's life.

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A ought to Have For Wine Lovers And Collectors
The Only approach To Properly Protect Your Wine Is To keep Them In The Ivation Temperature-controlled Beautifully made Wine Cooler, even For Short Term Storage.

covering Temperature Has A giant Effect On How A Wine Smells, Tastes And Feels In Your Mouth, even A Very decent Wine Can Be Awful on The Wrong Temperature, Likewise Improper Temperature Can Also Shorten The Wine's lifespan Or Ruin The Wine Completely, Regular Refrigerators

Are Not An Option, As They Are Too Cold For a lot of Wines, And "Room Temperature" Is Too Warm.

Features & Specifications
• Maintains The excellent Temperature For Red And White Wines
• efficient Thermoelectric Cooling
• Low Noise, Low Vibration - Will Not Disturb Sediment
• feel Controls And LCD Display
• smooth indoor Lighting having On/off Control
• Tempered Smoked window Door
• Solid, CFC-free Polyurethane polyurethane foam Insulation • Rated Power:

• Temperature Range: 54º - 64ºF (12º - 18ºC)
• Unit Dimensions: 13.5" X 20" X 25.4" (34.5 X 50.8 X 64.5cm)
• Weight: Net: 32 Lbs.

(14.5kg), Gross: 36 Lbs.


Impotent Tip: Do Not Put Your Wine chillier In The Garage.

The giant Temperature Ranges Of A garage area Will try to make The chillier jog Too Often, Shortening It's Life.

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