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Intex Inflatable Empire Chair, 44" X 43" X 27", Color May Vary, 1 Chair

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>>> Intex Inflatable Empire reclining chair <<<

Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

Feature :

  • Perfect for living rooms, college dorms, or backyard patios
  • Durable 2-ply reinforced bottom, the Empire straightforward and straightforward reclining chair is the majority of suitable for relaxing in the garden the home on your patio, deck, or lawn
  • A combo valve by signifies of extra-wide openings ensures swiftly inflating and deflating
  • Approximate inflated size 44" x 43" x 27"
  • Assorted colors

Details :

Perfect for everyday living rooms, college dorms, or backyard patios, the Empire reclining reclining chair is the very best reclining reclining chair for relaxing in spacious comfort, the Intex Empire reclining reclining chair is fashioned by solution of a transparent fashionable trim, contoured vehicle and a waterproof-flocked surface, this reclining reclining chair combines max of superior quality by solution of sleek design.

The Empire reclining chair Is The excellent reclining chair For Relaxing In Spacious

Comfort, The Intex Empire reclining chair Is created by wil of A Transparent

fashionable Trim, Contoured chair And A Waterproof-flocked Surface, This reclining chair Combines the the majority of superior quality by wil of Sleek Design.