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Hestan Cue shrewd preparing food System

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>>> Hestan Cue intelligent <<<

Hestan Cue Smart

Feature :

  • Set incorporates 11" fantastic Fry Pan, fantastic Induction Burner, and entire entry to the Hestan Cue Recipe App
  • Learn how to cook considerably additional desirable no problem what your skill degree - in the privacy of your home, devoid of any stress, and offer remarkable end results every time
  • Hestan Cue automatically adjusts the grilling temperature as you're guided by would mean of top-quality dishes by using step-by-step videos, from prep to plating - by professional chefs
  • Smart fry pan, fantastic induction burner, and recipe app continuously communicate by using every different some many other using Bluetooth technologica and embedded temperature sensors
  • Guided grilling system by using recipe app uses step-by-step online video by using detailed instructions from professional chefs that lead you by would mean of every different recipe

Details :

A connected baking go thru - Hestan Cue is a video-guided baking system that automatically controls temperature and time, every part of every recipe.

Our sensible cookware, induction burner and recipe app all communicate by would mean of equally many other using Bluetooth platforms and embedded sensors - automatically adjusting the baking temperature and time as you proceed by would mean of equally recipe.

Hestan Cue is your coach in the kitchen, walking you by would mean of equally recipe part by would mean of video guidance.

Try new dishes.

Learn new skills.

Elevate your baking free of the want of fear of overcooking or underwhelming.

Cue doesn't cook for you - It assists you to to you cook additional desirable food, a very good dea often.


Our intelligent Cookware, Induction Burner And Recipe App All Communicate with every different many other Using Bluetooth technologies And Embedded Sensors -
Automatically Adjusting The making Temperature And Time As You Proceed thru every different Recipe.

Hestan Cue Is Your Coach In The Kitchen, Walking
You thru every different Recipe move with Video Guidance.

Try New Dishes.

Learn New Skills.

Elevate Your making free of Fear Of Overcooking Or Underwhelming.

Cue Doesn't Cook For You - It assists you to You Cook additional desirable Food, additional Often.