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Flash Furniture 4 Pk. 30'' raised Backless Red Metal Indoor-Outdoor Barstool utilizing Square Seat

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Flash Furniture 4 Pk  30   High

Feature :

  • Stackable warehousing model highly introduced Stool
  • Stacks 4 to 8 High
  • Backless Design
  • Drain Hole in Seat
  • Red Powder Coat Finish
  • Cross Brace under fit provides extra stability
  • Plastic Caps on answer brace protect finish when stacked
  • Footrest
  • Protective silicon Floor Glides
  • Lightweight Design

Details :

This stool will establish a current manufacturing appearance to your property or give good outcome space.

This space-saving stool is stackable making it wonderful for storing.

A mix brace underneath the fit adds extra stability and features plastic caps that prevent the finish from scratching when stacked.

The limbs have protective floor glides that prevent impairment to flooring.

This all-weather use stool is wonderful for indoor and outdoor settings.

For longevity, treatment should be taken to protect from lengthy periods of moisten weather.

The unique pattern of this backless stool can conform in so many spaces.

fantastic For Storing.

A fold Brace Underneath The fit Adds Extra Stability And Features Plastic Caps That Prevent The Finish
From Scratching When Stacked.

The hip and legs Have Protective Floor Glides That Prevent harm To Flooring.

This All-weather Use Stool
Is fantastic For Indoor And Outdoor Settings.

For Longevity, care Should Be Taken To Protect From lengthy Periods Of moistened Weather.

The Unique structure Of This Backless Stool Can Conform In So Many Spaces.