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Electric Air Fryer 3.8QT XL Oil Free Low weight by using Cookbook, Digital LED 7-in-1 Air Cooker, Dishwasher reliable Fry Drawer by using 5-Piece programs 1500W

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>>> Electric Air Fryer 3 8QT XL Oil <<<

Electric Air Fryer 3 8QT XL Oil

Feature :

  • 【LOW CALORIES AND HEALTHIER】 - This digital air fryer would mean you will save 80% of body weight and delight in delicious fried foods.

    Air fryer only takes a tablespoon of oil or less to acquire the same fried effect
  • 【INCLUDED RECIPE BOOK】 - The air fryer cookbook choose from a number of meals to come up with for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

    Extra incorporated 1 Non-stick baking dish 1 Toaster meta having 4 skewers 1 Silicone Mat 1Food tong
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL 】 - Air fryer can conveniently replace baking pans, fantastic fryers, a bbq grill pan, convection toaster oven or any one of your kitchen appliances Temperature ranges from 180-400°F , 360-Degree Cycle Heating.

    uncomplicated to operate, Dishwasher safety
  • 【TOUCH tv screen manipulate 】 - Digital air fryers temperature manipulate from lets for a number of ingredients from crispy fries to juicy wings, 30-minute timer having auto shut-off, Shrimp, Cake, Potato, Fish, Chicken, Unfreeze, Steak
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE】 - Electric Air Fryer superior liner against rust.

    We give shoppers having 100% assurance service within 1 year.

    We promise to be your friend forever

Details :

Air fryer by using extraordinary air frying technology
Now use the Airfryer you can fry significantly more healthfully by using up to 80% less fat
360-degree cycle heating by using quite very tremendously hot air
The flows very tremendously hot air currents about food, transmitting the easily and precise foods
Digital air fryer Oil-free significantly more healthy, significantly more compact, no noise, no oil splash, your fantastic helper of cooking

☞ Oilless Air Fryer VS Oil Fries:
Making it effortless to identify and select the type of food you're preparing by using just the push of a button
The digital air fryer adopts high-speed air circulation technology
So compared by using the traditional electric fryers, it requires less or no oil located for all, allowing you to fry,
bake, bake, and barbeque grill the delicious snacks and meals by using less fat

☞ Electric air fryer effortless and uncomplicated to use:
A built-in 30 minutes timer lets for reliability preparing food on a extensive array of foods.

The unit will automatically transform off when the timer is up
variable temperature from 180°F - 400°F lets you to prepare a extensive selection of food from crispy fries to juicy wings by using little to no oil
Hot Air fryer by using Time & Temperature Contro, Detachable basket features a sturdy handle and built-in protection switch

☞ Specifications:
Frying Basket Capacity: 3.6L
Temperature Control: 180-400°F
Built-in Timer: 30 minutes
Watts: 1400W
Digital LED accomplish present
Detachable basket

☞ discount package Contains:
1 x Electric Air Fryer
1 x Pizza Pan
1 x preparing food Tong
1 x Silicon Mat
1 x Toaster bear by using 4 skewers
1 x Air Fryers Cookbook

Air Fryers We produce clients by using 100% refund service within 90 days

VS Oil Fries:
Making It Effortless To Identify And Select The Type Of Food You're Preparing with the help of Just The Push Of A Button
The Digital Air Fryer Adopts High-speed Air Circulation Technology
So Compared with the help of The Traditional Electric Fryers, It Requires Less Or No Oil for All, Allowing You To Fry,
bake, Bake, And grill The Delicious Snacks And Meals with the help of Less Fat

☞ Electric Air Fryer Convenient
And easy To Use:
A Built-in 30 Minutes Timer facilitates For perfection making On A extensive selection Of Foods.

The Unit Will Automatically switch Off When The Timer Is Up
adaptable Temperature From 180°F - 400°F facilitates You To Prepare A diversity Of Food From Crispy Fries To Juicy Wings with the help of Little To No Oil
Hot Air Fryer with the help of Time & Temperature Contro, Detachable Basket Features A Sturdy Handle And Built-in Safety

☞ Specifications:
Frying Basket Capacity: 3.6L
Temperature Control: 180-400°F
Built-in Timer: 30 Minutes
Watts: 1400W
Digital LED hint present
Detachable Basket

☞ package Contains:
1 X Electric Air Fryer
1 X Pizza Pan
1 X making Tong
1 X Silicon Mat
1 X Toaster withstand with the help of 4 Skewers
1 X Air Fryers Cookbook

Air Fryers We deliver shoppers with the help of 100% Refund Service Within 90 Days