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Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker (White)

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>>> Cuisinart ICE 21 1 5 Quart Frozen <<<

Cuisinart ICE 21 1 5 Quart Frozen

Warrantry :

3 Year restricted warranty

Feature :

  • New mixing paddle would earn frozen desserts in 20 minutes or less
  • Large capacity would earn up to 1-1/2-quarts
  • Double insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need to have for ice
  • Easy lock transparent eye eye lid by would mean of the help of substantial spout would earn adding ingredients very easy and mess free
  • Product created to North American Electrical Standards.Do not use oudoors

Details :

From the Manufacturer

Easy-lock lid
Easy-lock lid.
Mixing paddle
Mixing paddle.
Freezer bowl
Double-insulated freezer bowl.
Heavy-duty motor
Heavy-duty motor.
Delicious treats
Frozen treats in 20 minutes or less.

Frozen Favorites in Minutes

The heavy-duty electric serp may earn frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet - possibly frozen drinks - in 20 minutes or less.

Pure and hassle-free Indulgence

Add fresh ingredients to the mixing bowl, simply just transform on the machine, and go.

It's fully automatic.

Plus, cleanup is a breeze.

Perfectly Delicious

The substantial capacity mixing bowl lets you earn up to 1-1/2 quarts of your a lot of popular consistent and creamy frozen treats.

Features and Benefits

  • Ingredient Spout Pour recipe ingredients because of the spout.

    Also use to insert ingredients, for instance chips or nuts, while not the need to have of interrupting the freezing cycle.
  • Easy-lock Lid Transparent to let you watch the freezing process as it progresses.

    eye lid is built to quickly lock to base.
  • Mixing Paddle Mixes and aerates ingredients in freezer bowl to pattern frozen desserts or drinks.
  • Freezer Bowl features cooling liquid within a 2x insulated wall to pattern speedy and possibly freezing.

    2x wall may earn the bowl cool and in an possibly temperature.
  • Base features heavy obligation electric serp successful superior ample to handle ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet and frozen drinks.
  • Rubber Feet Nonslip feet grip base stationary because of use.
  • Cord Storage Unused cord is quickly pushed into the base to grip counter neat and safe.

Freezing Time and Bowl Preparation

The freezer bowl should be completely frozen earlier than you begin your recipe.

earlier than freezing, wash and dried the bowl.

The length of time needed to gain the frozen state depends on how cold your freezer is.

It is recommended that you put the freezer bowl in the back of your freezer where it is the coldest.

Be sure to put the freezer bowl on a flat working surface area in its upright position for possibly freezing.

Generally, freezing time is between 16 hours and 24 hours.

Shake the bowl to determine whether it is completely frozen.

If you do not hear the liquid within the bowl moving, the cooling liquid is therefore frozen.

For the a lot of basic frozen desserts and drinks, leave your freezer bowl in the freezer in all times.

Use the bowl immediately after removing from the freezer.

It will begin to quickly defrost once it has been removed for the freezer.

Reminder: Your freezer should be set to 0°F to guarantee that correct freezing of all foods.

Making Frozen Desserts or Drinks

  1. Use Cuisinart dishes listed in the exercising Booklet or use your own recipe, making sure it yields 1-1/2 quarts or less.

  2. Remove the freezer bowl from the freezer and put on the midsection of the base.

    The bowl will begin to defrost quickly once it has been removed from the freezer.

    Use it immediately after removing from freezer.
  3. Place mixing paddle in freezer bowl.

    It rests in the midsection of the bowl, together by would mean of the circle side facing up.
  4. Place eye lid on the base and rotate clockwise until tabs on eye lid lock in put on base.
  5. Press On/Off switch to ON position.

    Freezer bowl will begin to turn.
  6. Immediately pour ingredients because of ingredient spout.

    NOTE: Ingredients should be added to the freezer bowl after the unit is turned on.
  7. Frozen desserts or drinks will be done in less than 20 minutes.

    The time will depend on the recipe and tier of the dessert you are making.

    When the mixture has thickened to your liking, it is done.

    If you desire a firmer consistency, shift the dessert to an airtight container and save in the freezer for two or extra hours.
Adding Ingredients

Ingredients such as chips and nuts should be added about 5 minutes earlier than the recipe is complete.

Once the dessert has began to thicken, insert the ingredients because of the ingredient spout.

Nuts and different ingredients should be no larger than a chocolate chip.

The Heavy-duty serp make Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, Sorbet - possibly Frozen Drinks - In 20 Minutes Or Less.

Pure And easy Indulgence

Add Fresh Ingredients To The Mixing Bowl, transform On The Machine, And Go.

It's Fully Automatic.

Plus, Cleanup Is A Breeze.

Perfectly Delicious

The substantial Capacity Mixing Bowl Lets You earn Up To 1-1/2 Quarts Of Your a large number of desired steady And Creamy Frozen Treats.

Features And Benefits

  • Ingredient Spout Pour Recipe Ingredients thru The Spout.

    Also Use To put Ingredients, for example Chips Or Nuts, while not Interrupting The Freezing Cycle.
  • Easy-lock Lid Transparent To Let You Watch The Freezing Process As It Progresses.

    eye lid Is built To quickly Lock To Base.
  • Mixing Paddle Mixes And Aerates Ingredients In Freezer Bowl To construct Frozen Desserts Or Drinks.
  • Freezer Bowl consists of Cooling Liquid Within A twice Insulated Wall To construct quickly And possibly Freezing.

    twice Wall make The Bowl Cool And at An possibly Temperature.
  • Base consists of Heavy responsibility serp solid ample To Handle Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sherbet, Sorbet And Frozen Drinks.
  • Rubber Feet Nonslip Feet continue Base Stationary al Use.
  • Cord Storage Unused Cord Is quickly Pushed Into The Base To continue Counter Neat And Safe.
  • Freezing Time And Bowl Preparation

    The Freezer Bowl have to Be Completely Frozen in advance of You Begin Your Recipe.

    in advance of Freezing, Wash And dried up The Bowl.

    The Length Of Time Needed To attain The Frozen State Depends On How Cold Your Freezer Is.

    It Is Recommended That You area The Freezer Bowl In The Back Of Your Freezer Where It Is The Coldest.

    Be Sure To area The Freezer Bowl On A Flat surface area In Its Upright Position For possibly Freezing.

    Generally, Freezing Time Is Between 16 Hours And 24 Hours.

    Shake The Bowl To Determine Whether It Is Completely Frozen.

    If You Do Not Hear The Liquid Within The Bowl Moving, The Cooling Liquid Is Therefore Frozen.

    For The a large number of easy Frozen Desserts And Drinks, Leave Your Freezer Bowl In The Freezer at All Times.

    Use The Bowl Immediately After Removing From The Freezer.

    It Will Begin To Quickly Defrost Once It Has Been Removed For The Freezer.

    Reminder: Your Freezer Should Be Set To 0°F To guarantee the right Freezing Of All Foods.

    Making Frozen Desserts Or Drinks

    1. Use Cuisinart tasty recipes bundled In The instructions Booklet Or Use Your Own Recipe, Making Sure It Yields 1-1/2 Quarts Or

  • Remove The Freezer Bowl From The Freezer And area On The focus Of The Base.

    The Bowl Will Begin To Defrost Quickly Once It Has Been Removed From The Freezer.

    Use It Immediately After Removing From Freezer.
  • Place Mixing Paddle In Freezer Bowl.

    It Rests In The focus Of The Bowl, by would mean of The Circle Side Facing Up.
  • Place eye lid On The Base And Rotate Clockwise Until Tabs On eye lid Lock In area On Base.
  • Press On/Off Switch To ON Position.

    Freezer Bowl Will Begin To Turn.
  • Immediately Pour Ingredients thru Ingredient Spout.

    NOTE: Ingredients have to Be Added To The Freezer Bowl After The Unit Is Turned On.
  • Frozen Desserts Or Drinks Will Be Done In Less Than 20 Minutes.

    The Time Will Depend On The Recipe And numbers Of The Dessert You Are Making.

    When The Mixture Has Thickened To Your Liking, It Is Done.

    If You Desire A Firmer Consistency, switch The Dessert To An Airtight Container And stow In The Freezer For Two Or extra Hours.
  • Adding Ingredients

    Ingredients Such As Chips And Nuts Should Be Added About 5 Minutes in advance of The Recipe Is Complete.

    Once The Dessert Has Began To Thicken, put The Ingredients thru The Ingredient Spout.

    Nuts And other Ingredients Should Be No Larger Than A Chocolate Chip.

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