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Braun MQ9037X Multiquick 9 ACTIVEBlade technologica Hand Blender 220V (Not for USA - European cord)

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>>> Braun MQ9037X Multiquick 9 ACTIVEBlade <<<

Braun MQ9037X Multiquick 9 ACTIVEBlade

Feature :

  • The world's to begin by means of ACTIVE saw chef's knife modern technologica incorporates a adaptable shaft that moves the saw chef's knife up and down.

    This motion gives you flavorful, clean up outcomes together by means of no unwanted pieces
  • Advanced SPLASH dea modern technologica prevents splashing and produces the suitable blending outcomes to manage you and your kitchen clean
  • The Patented capability Bell plus features an Extra milling saw chef's knife to furnish a terrific dea slices per Rotation, blending major pieces and hard ingredients a terrific dea easily
  • With the uncomplicated click plus system, you can quickly change attachments as you prep.

    It gives you the versatility to blend, chop, whisk, mash, and puree ingredients effortlessly
  • Adjust blending capability lacking stopping together by means of the squeeze of a button.

    Push softly for coarse outcomes and combine a terrific dea demand for finer results.

    The clean up Start characteristic prevents jolting on startup
  • Attachments included: 20 fl oz beaker (BPA free), stainless al whisk, masher and 2-cup chopper

Details :

The revolutionary MQ9 Hand blender blends ultimate vitality utilizing unlimited versatility to change the toughest ingredients into the almost all delicious creations.

The breakthrough know-how in Braun's next-generation hand blender generates groundbreaking innovations to let you effortlessly express your culinary vision.

The world's to begin by means of ACTIVE cutter know-how incorporates a flexible type type shaft that moves the cutter up and down.

The result is a 250% possibly even even more active reducing covering to job utilizing which success in 2 times finer blending.

This motion gives you flavorful, quick success utilizing no unwanted pieces while requiring up to 40% less effort than traditional blending shafts.

The patented vitality Bell Plus features an extra milling cutter to blend terrific pieces of food possibly even even more easily.

leading-edge SPLASH dea know-how prevents splashing and generates the very best blending success to keep you and your kitchen clean.

Additionally, the MQ9 provides 55% less suction for effortless handling and very best control.

utilizing Braun's good accelerate technology, you can intuitively adjust blending vitality lacking stopping.

Push delicately for coarse success and apply a little possibly even even more demand for possibly even even more vitality and finer results.

Plus, the quick Start characteristic prevents jolting on startup.

The hardest foods have no chance utilizing the 700-watt MQ9 Hand blender.

utilizing an array of attachments, which contain a blending wand, a whisk, a masher, a 2-cup chopper, and a beaker, it is the game-changing kitchen appliance that lets you effortlessly tackle the almost all challenging jobs.

Compared to Braun MQ500.

Compared to Braun hand blenders utilizing non-ACTIVE cutter shaft.

Moves The chef's knife Up And Down.

The Result Is A 250% even more Active sawing surface To succeed by means of Which outcomes In 2 Times Finer Blending.

This Motion Gives You Flavorful, easy outcomes by means of No Unwanted Pieces While Requiring Up To 40% Less Effort Than Traditional Blending Shafts.

The Patented electric power Bell Plus Features An Extra Milling chef's knife To Blend substantial Pieces Of Food even more Easily.
leading-edge SPLASH influence technologica Prevents Splashing And provides you with The very best Blending outcomes To always keep You And Your Kitchen Clean.

Additionally, The MQ9 Provides 55% Less Suction For Effortless Handling And suitable Control.

by means of Braun's good accelerate Technology, You Can Intuitively Adjust Blending electric power with no Stopping.

Push naturally For Coarse outcomes And Apply A Little even more Pressure
For even more electric power And Finer Results.

Plus, The easy Start attribute Prevents Jolting On Startup.

The Hardest Foods have No Chance by means of The 700-watt MQ9 Hand Blender.

by means of a extensive variety of Attachments, this includes A Blending Wand, A Whisk, A Masher, A 2-cup Chopper, And A Beaker, It Is The Game-changing Kitchen Appliance That Lets You Effortlessly Tackle The virtually all Challenging Jobs.

Compared To Braun MQ500.

Compared To Braun Hand Blenders by means of Non-ACTIVE chef's knife Shaft.