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Bonison 18" x 2000' x 80 Gauge Extra Thick PE crysta Plastic equipment Grade Stretch Film for Move, Pack, Store, Protect. business oriented Strength, particular Sided Cling, Wrap Wood, Pallet, Supply, Furniture (2)

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>>> Bonison 18 2000 80 Gauge Extra <<<

Bonison 18  2000  80 Gauge Extra

Feature :

  • Made utilizing terrific of high-quality linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), 80 gauge thickness, suitable for tons up to approx.

    2200-2400 lbs.

    80 gauge is the a superior number of common stretch film thickness and suitable for a diversity of applications.
  • Advance craftsmanship, lone sided cling to greatly lower pallet to pallet stick.
  • Stats: Width: 18 inches.

    Length: ~2000 feet.

    Thickness: 80 gauge (20 microns).

    Inner diameter: 3.34".

    outer diameter: 6.0".

    Weigh: 10 lbs.
  • Excellent scanning clarity and terrific puncture and tear resistance.
  • Suitable for all stretch film product utilizing varied application such as wrapping firewood, pallet, boxes, furniture, methods and many more.

Details :

Bonison brand 18" system grade cast strenth stretch film, business oriented standard toughness, protect and pack your solutions with the help of ease.

We also have the dispenser as well, totally coordinate together

Cast Strenth Stretch Film,

industrial Standard Toughness,

Protect And Pack Your solutions with Ease.

We Also Have The Dispenser As Well, beautifully match Together