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Atlantic 2823-5872 Rotating Cube 4-Tier Espresso wealthy storing Tower

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>>> Atlantic 2823 5872 Rotating Cube <<<

Atlantic 2823 5872 Rotating Cube

Feature :

  • 4 stacked cubes, 1 fixed and 3 rotating, utilizing thru 10" of clearance each
  • Accommodates 216 CDs or 144 DVDs or 168 Blu-ray Discs or Games
  • There are two compartments per cube 5.75 inches splendid x 11.5 inches broad x 8 inches high.
  • Espresso executed wood composite construction, utilizing steel-rod receive al bar supports for added service and stability, and Non-marring plastic feet for to protect hardwood floors

Details :

Atlantic's Rotating advertising Cube 216 hard dr Unit's unique pattern incorporates four stacked cubes that rotate about a central axis for a multitude of hard dr and tv screen options.

along with the help of four man or women compartments boasting more than ten inches of clearance each, this multi-purpose hard dr unit is terrific for storing 216 CDs or 144 DVDs or 168 Blu-ray Discs or Games in addition to providing an terrific location for displaying photos, keepsakes and different some other personalized effects.

The unit's four man or women cubes are stacked one atop another, connecting about a central axis, and allowing all but the bottom fixed cube a complete 360 degree rotation.

Align the cubes straight up and down, offset each, or mix and go along with for a array of hard dr options.

You can also tier up a series of stands all in a row to form a larger shelving unit and exponentially grow your hard dr capacity.

Constructed from sturdy espresso-finished composite wood along with the help of steel-rod crossbars and non-marring plastic feet, the Rotating advertising Cube 216 hard dr Unit ensures durability, stability, and protection for your hardwood floors.

And all of the these fantastic features are complemented by the unit's distinctive rotating cube pattern and minimal space-saving footprint – terrific for the household group room, advertising room, den or bedroom, adding a charming accent to any home's interior.

Or 144 DVDs Or 168 Blu-ray Discs Or Games In Addition To Providing An appropriate Location For Displaying Photos, Keepsakes And some other particular Effects.

The Unit's Four person Cubes Are Stacked One Atop Another, Connecting together A Central Axis, And Allowing All But The Bottom Fixed Cube A complete 360 Degree Rotation.

The Cubes Straight Up And Down, Offset Each, Or Mix And match up For A vast array Of storage space Options.

You Can Also brand Up A Series Of Stands All In A Row To Form A Larger Shelving Unit And Exponentially improve Your storage space Capacity.

Constructed From Sturdy Espresso-finished Composite Wood along with Steel-rod Crossbars And